What is a buying club?
Prana’s buying club is the ideal way to make big purchases! You are saving 10% off regular prices every time you order! The minimum purchase is $500 making our Buying Club perfect for large families, office buildings, schools or groups of friends. There's no rule about how many people have to be in your club, so long as you reach the minimum purchase amount!

So how does it work?
Easy! Sign in to your buying club account, simply select the products you want to buy, making sure to reach a minimum of $500 and then enter the coupon code we would have previously sent you at the checkout.

Please note this offer is not applicable on products with a subscription and only applies on regular products.

Can I order for less than $500 if I'm a buying club member?
Yes, you can! Simply sign out of your account and place your order as a "Guest" or, alternatively, create a new account with a different e-mail address.

I'm sold! Now what?
Round up your nut lovin' friends (coworkers, friends, family or even pets?), make a club and pick a leader.
Get the leader to sign up for an account on our website if they (you?) don't already have one. You can also use a existing account.
Once you've set up your account online, email our customer service pro Anna (service@pranaorganic.ca) with the email used for the account. She will then switch your account over to a buying club one.
Wait to hear back from her (she types really fast!) before making your first purchase, she will give the special coupon code.
Once the confirmation received, you can start preparing your first order!

I have one more question...
Hi! I'm Anna and I'm here to assist you with all your Buying Club needs. Don't hesitate to send me an email at service@pranaorganic.ca - I've got all the answers to your questions!