Whether it’s for our health or that of the planet, eating vegan has its benefits. Our 300 vegan recipes, as decadent as they are healthy, will prove to you that eating plant-based is definitely anything but boring!


breakfast recipes

Pancakes, chia pudding, oatmeal, brunch…Explore our breakfast recipes that are easy to have with family or for busy mornings.

appetizers and sides recipes

Vegan cheese, vegan pate, sweet potato fries, nachos... Get inspired by our recipes that are perfect to share with family and friends!

soups recipes

Spicy soup or comforting stew…Allow yourself to be surprised by our classic or a bit more original soup recipes, all more delicious from one to the other.

salad recipes

Refreshing summer salads, nourishing legume salads…Make your tastebuds travel with our salad recipes ideal as appetizers or as meals.

beverage recipes

Smoothies, lattes, lemonades and homemade nut milks…Treat yourself all year long with our original beverage recipes that are easy and quick to make!

main dish recipes

Light or comforting, for everyday or for special occasions…Explore our main dish recipes that big and little kids will love!

dessert recipes

Vegan cheesecake, pies, breads, cookies…Choose among our numerous delicious vegan desert recipes!

snack recipes

Granola bars, decadent chocolate cookies, crackers of all kinds…Explore our sweet and salty, crunchy or soft snack recipes that are always delicious!