Discover our story, our values and our commitments


We are Prana, a family-owned company on a mission to make delicious food better, for you and for the planet. Most of our products are organic, some are natural. All our products are plant-based and responsibly sourced, because every mindful choice fuels a more joyful life and brighter future for us all.  From our family to yours, enjoy.

meet marie-josée and alon 

Our story began in 2005, when two travelers, Alon Farber and Marie-Josée Richer, fell in love and returned to Quebec after meeting in India, where they had started a vegan seasonal restaurant in Goa. Driven by a desire to have positive impact on people lives and respond to social and environmental issues, they used entrepreneurship as a driver of change by sharing their love of food and passion for healthy nutrition.  Modestly, they started out roasting nuts in Marie-Josée’s mom’s kitchen and selling their tasty treats through word-of-mouth and farmer’s markets.  With consumers support and love, the business took off and Prana today touches people from East to West, being an organic industry leader and Canada's # 1 organic snack brand. 

discover our impact 

We want a sustainable food system for people AND the planet. That’s why we’re committed to these 8 promises. 

sustainable food

We’re the real deal: Yup, we're fully committed to mainly organic, non-gmo and plant-based ingredients, we want to do what’s right to protect and nurture our ecosystems, society, and future generations.

progressive and inclusive culture 

Diversity makes us stronger. Together we create an inspiring and inclusive work environment, while nourishing a brighter future for all. 

triple impact business 

We’re a triple threat baby! For us, profit is not a goal, but a means; a tool to get involved at the social level and to reduce our environmental impact. Our company is a lever towards positive change. 

fairness & wellbeing for

People should be treated fairly - bottom line. That’s why our suppliers around the world sign a strict code of conduct that reflects our values and requests ethical working conditions. We also make an effort to source Fair Trade ingredients whenever possible.

growing pumpkin seeds locally

We’re supporting a food revolution. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a local Quebec grower leading an agricultural project to develop organic and regenerative pumpkin seeds.

Learn more about regenerative agriculture : here 

greener packaging 

A complex issue, with no simple solution, that concerns us all. Since 2019, we’ve been working with experts to find the best solution for keeping our products optimally fresh (to avoid food waste) whilst continuously lowering the environmental impact of our pouches. 

minimized footprint in our plant

Sustainability starts at home and Prana IS our home. So that’s why we’ve set an ambitious goal to become a zero food-waste plant by 2025. We also offset our energy emissions, monitor our water and energy usage, and set targets to optimize our resources. 

mindful innovation

Yeah, we set the bar high. That’s why we use the “Better Food Model” that we developed to measure the social and environmental impact of our products and innovations. That way, we’re able to offer products that are good for you and the planet.