Committed to more local sourcing, PRANA is redoubling its efforts to innovate with local ingredients and collaborate with local farmers.
By using Quebec oats for our recent innovations, we continue to promote our mission of offering healthy, affordable and accessible products to North Americans.

Discover our recent innovations made with Quebec organic oats:


Designed specifically to simplify the lives of families, our products are made with the same care as if you were making them yourself at home, but without the hassle of cooking.

Overnight Chia - Oat & chia mix 

Say goodbye to rushed mornings and hello to your new favorite breakfast that's nutritious, filling and so convenient!   

Granolove Cookies     

Crunchy cookies good for little cookie monsters and big ones alike, those will tick all your cookie boxes:

Allergen free chewy bars   

Nutritious, delicious and low in sugar, here are organic chewy bars that kids will love... and won't trade at recess!   

Breakfast Box-Every morning   

Breakfast lovers, rejoice! All your favorite products in one box to simplify your morning routine. This is your chance to have Prana’s breakfast experience everyday at 27% off!