Committed to more local sourcing, PRANA is working hard to innovate with local ingredients and collaborate with local farmers. Of course, we know what comes to mind! Many of our ingredients like almonds and mangoes require a warmer climate to grow. That said, we do have several products that we source from farmers in Quebec and Canada, here they are.

Oats, this breakfast staple, is known for its nutritional and environmental benefits.  But have you ever thought about where the oats in your morning cereal, including our famous Granolove!

Here are our recent innovations whose main ingredient is Quebec oats:  

To learn more about Quebec oats which is the main ingregients of our new products.

Our pumpkin seeds are grown in Sainte-Monique de Nicolet, Quebec - yes, Löka is a 100% Quebec snack and proud of it! This visionary project is the result of a collaboration between Prana and Sébastien Angers, an innovative farmer. Sébastien cultivates bare seed pumpkin varieties using regenerative agriculture practices. This type of agriculture helps preserve and rehabilitate food and agricultural systems.  


The goal of this partnership is to develop a Quebec-based pumpkin seed production industry, a first in Quebec. The ultimate dream is that Quebecers and Canadians will be able to eat pumpkin seeds grown here. This way, Prana will gradually reduce its imports of pumpkin seeds from Europe. An ambitious project that is close to our hearts!

Discover the Löka pumpkin seeds with sea salt

Quebec’s cranberry cultivation has a long history, dating back to the native peoples who used this berry for its medicinal properties. Today, cranberries are grown commercially in the Mauricie, a region of Quebec province, where it grows naturally in bogs.  

This beautiful red berry, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, is appreciated for its tangy taste and its health benefits, especially in preventing urinary tract infections. The organic cultivation of Quebec cranberries offers significant environmental benefits because they are grown without irrigation, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which contributes to the preservation of peat bogs and allows for the production of healthy and nutritious food while preserving the environment.  

Here are all our products that contain the wonderful Quebec cranberries:  

A source of pride for Quebec, this golden syrup flows freely and brings joy to us all in the spring!  Quebec ranks first in the world for the production of organic maple syrup, so it was only natural for PRANA's founders to develop products with this Quebec richness. Our first products, which are still on the market, are made with organic maple syrup.  

Although maple syrup is a natural product, organic certification ensures that farmers apply strict environmental standards that have been developed from an ecological perspective, in all aspects of production, from harvesting to processing, including the development and maintenance of maple groves. The organic certification gives you access to a high quality eco-responsible syrup, concerned with sustainable development practices, health prevention, including that of the soil and the local economy.

We source organic maple syrup from Quebec in order to encourage the ecological effort of production and to support local producers who want to do things right.

Here are our products that contain delicious maple syrup:


Did you know that buckwheat is not a cereal?  It is the fruit of a pollinated flower and comes from a plant related to rhubarb and sorrel. Its cultivation is adapted to poorer, acidic or not very fertile soils, as well as to rougher climates like ours. Quebec white buckwheat is considered a sustainable and ecological crop.  Farmers generally use it as a green manure and to cover and protect fallow land. This plant is used to control weeds in the fields and to recycle phosphorus in the soil. It also helps prevent soil erosion with its deep root system.  

Buckwheat flowers are very fragrant and therefore very 
attractive to bees, hence the famous buckwheat honey.  

The buckwheat we sell is Quebec white buckwheat, a variety of buckwheat grown throughout the province. White buckwheat is hulled unlike black buckwheat which is not. Passed through a high speed blender, white buckwheat makes a nutritious flour to incorporate in pancakes and cakes.  

Discover buckwheat in 1kg format

Hemp was one of the first plants cultivated by man.  Following the legalization of its cultivation for seeds, hemp is now recognized for its many nutritional benefits but also the versatility of all the components of the plant. Hemp is a source of complete vegetable proteins since the seeds contain all the essential amino acids. It contains essential fatty acids, high protein content and fiber, making it a high quality source of nutrients. Since most people consume too little omega-3, hemp stands out for its high content and excellent ratio of 3:1 'omega-3/omega-6'.  

Organic hemp is an environmentally friendly crop because it requires little water and fertilizer to grow, and does not need pesticides or herbicides. In addition, it helps reduce dependence on chemicals in agriculture, which contributes to soil health and biodiversity. This makes organic hemp a very promising plant for healthy and sustainable food. Our supplier uses environmentally responsible farming practices and values all parts of the plant which offers a natural and planet-friendly alternative to plastics, textiles, fuels and more.  

Thanks to its growing popularity, hemp cultivation in Canada has increased from a total area of 2400 hectares in 1998 to 22,000 hectares in 2020.  

Here are our two products that contain Canadian hemp: