What if we told you that our pumpkin seeds could build biodiversity, improve soil health and tackle climate change? Mind-blowing, eh?! Our local pumpkin seed project is WAY more than just a delicious, crunchy, nutrient-dense, and protein-packed snack (and already, that’s a lot!), it’s a way to build our local food supply resilience and transform the way our food is grown.

Two years ago, Prana partnered with Sébastien Angers, an innovative local grower who had the guts to do what no one had done before: grow a new variety of pumpkin seeds in Nicolet, Quebec on a big scale, with regenerative agriculture principles. A first in North America!


Why regenerative agriculture?

Every year all around the globe, we are losing fertile land, biodiversity, indigenous seeds, and precious agricultural knowledge. Not to be dramatic here, but this is a serious threat to the survival of humanity. Experts warn us that within 50 years, at the current rate of soil destruction, induced by chemical pollution, desertification, and erosion, public health will be greatly compromised. Why? Because the nutritional quality of our food is degrading and the arable soils that feed us become more and more scarce. So more than ever, to survive as a species and continue to put food on our tables, we not only need to protect, but also regenerate billions of acres of farm and forest land that are at risk.

Illustration by Mélika Bazin

Illustration by Mélika Bazin

What is regenerative agriculture?

In short, regenerative agriculture helps preserve and rehabilitate food and agricultural systems. ‘Regen’ farmers focus on strengthening soils’ health, nourishing biodiversity, supporting carbon bio sequestration, and improving water-cycle. This way of growing food regenerates and revitalizes our lands instead of impoverishing them each growing season. Ultimately, regenerative agriculture leads to healthier and more resilient soils, more productive farms, healthier communities, and local prosperity.

From the ground up... (from vision to shelf)

With his holistic approach to farming, Sebastien Angers seeks to produce food for the long run by incorporating permaculture and regenerative farming practices. With his visionary mindset, he considers growing local pumpkin seeds at scale an opportunity to rethink how we farm.

In a nutshell, here is how Sebastien builds healthy soils:  

  • He uses cover crops to improve the quality and fertility of the soil. His purposefully chosen biodiverse ecosystem of plants consists of sorghum, sunflower, forage peas, clovers, crimson and more. Cover crops feed the soil with nitrogen and mulch which then become bioavailable to plants. They also prevent soil erosion and enhance water infiltration.
  • He maximizes crop diversity and surrounding biodiversity. In his field, you will hear birds singing and insects buzzing.
  • He promotes earthworm growth which is essential to the fertility cycle and the soil's food web.
  • He uses no-till or strip-till methods to minimize soils disturbance by reducing tillage. This technique fosters a healthy population of bacteria and fungi in soils while reducing erosion, improving water infiltration, and minimizing fuel consumption.

Illustration by Mélika Bazin

Two years ago, we didn’t know if pumpkin seeds could be grown at scale in Quebec. We couldn’t rely on previous experiments because nobody had done it before. After two seasons of trials and errors, we have learned a lot, and we are continuing to adjust to Quebec’s short growing season and challenging weather conditions while preparing for our third crop. So far, we have been optimizing our seeds selection, adapting our equipment, and calibrating our farming practices while improving our seeds conditioning processes. Always striving to do better, keeping an open and innovative mindset, and continuously learning from regenerative leaders have been key throughout this challenging and rewarding process.  

Today we are very proud to be able to have our pumpkin snacks ready to eat on grocery shelves, only two years after the first seed was planted!

LÖKA : Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


LOCAL Pumpkin Seeds




We want to partner with like-minded farmers to develop the knowledge, know-how, and capacity to produce enough volume that we could commercialize pumpkin seeds grown locally with regenerative principles across North America. By building an empowered network of local farmers, we will demonstrate that the pumpkin seed crop is beneficial for agricultural communities, our planet, and for consumers. With Löka, we provide you with the opportunity to be a part of a movement that contributes to the well-being of all by tackling climate change and supporting local communities!

Watch our short documentary to see our pumpkin journey!