Prana withdraws gluten-free certification from 2 breakfast product lines.

After a thorough review of supply challenges to meet the increasing demand and ensure a reliable source of quality certified gluten-free oats, we have decided to remove the gluten-free certification of our breakfast product lines. This decision applies to the packaging of the following line of products:

  • Granolove 300g and 750g (4 flavours: Oatmeal Cookie, Maple Spice, Berries, Brownie)
  • Overnight Chia 250g and 900g (2 flavours: berries and chocolate dream)

From end of August 2023, we will start producing these foods with new organic oats that are not certified gluten-free. Packaging will be updated accordingly. 

Overnight Chia will be the first products to no longer carry the gluten-free logo. Please consult the product sheets online and packaging carefully when purchasing these products and looking for certified gluten-free products.

Why is Prana removing the ''Certified Gluten Free'' logo from its products?

Given the current challenges in sourcing certified gluten-free oats, we have decided to withdraw the gluten-free certification for these ranges. We are withdrawing the certification now as in the future these products will no longer be made with certified gluten-free oats.

On a positive note, our Granolove and Overnight Chia products will remain at their current prices, making them more accessible to Canadian consumers. 

When will the logo be removed from products affected by this transition?  

The logo on the packaging of the affected products mentioned above will be removed as soon as possible. We will be making a "soft transition" to avoid wasting food and packaging.  

So, as soon as you no longer see the logo on our packaging, it will be a sign that our sourcing has changed to non-certified gluten-free oats.  It is expected that by December 2023, only new packaging without the logo will be in stores. 

Is there a problem with the product causing the withdrawal of the certification and logo?

No, it's the same great product you buy and love. We only change the label, not the product. 

Can I eat your products if I'm celiac?  

During the packaging transition, please remain vigilant and continue to check the packaging for yourself.  If the product is certified, there is no danger. If the product is no longer certified, it's because we're now making it with new, non-certified gluten free oats and oat flour.

Is Prana considering more significant changes to its gluten-free claims that will affect other products?

No. The changes we are announcing today are exclusive to the 2 breakfast ranges mentioned above. Therefore, the gluten-free certification will remain as it is for the rest of our product portfolio.

What about other PRANA products containing oats?

The following product lines: Granolove on the go, Granolove cookies and allergen-free granola bars, are made with certified gluten-free oats. Their manufacturing process also complies with gluten-free certification standards, so we can use the gluten-free logo on our packaging for these products.