Prana is taking a strategic shift to continue promoting healthy and sustainable food for all.

At PRANA, since the very beginning, we have always taken our social and environmental impact to heart.  That's why, since almost 18 years now, we've focused exclusively on 100% certified organic products. In 2015, we were among the first Canadian food companies to obtain the Bcorp certification.  To be certified B-Corp, businesses must adopt concrete measures to meet the highest social and environmental responsibility standards in business.  The goal is to create a global movement of companies that redefine business success and work for the common good.  Prana's vision is to be economically successful, socially useful and environmentally responsible. To learn more about Bcorp certification (

''The business community has not only the power but the duty to use entrepreneurship as a driver for social and environmental change.''

Marie-Josée Richer, co-founder.

In 2017, thanks to our leadership in CSR, (Corporate Social Responsibility), Prana stood out among all North American companies by obtaining the prestigious B corp award, ''Best for the world'', 1st place in the Food & Beverage category.  This is a recognition of the concrete actions we take on a daily basis to reduce our environmental impact.

Recently, the post-pandemic context has forced us to take a strategic shift in order to continue our mission of making healthy and delicious vegan products that contribute to a more sustainable food ecosystem while taking care of the well-being of consumers, employees and farmers.   For PRANA, contributing to a more sustainable food system means offering organic products, but also products that are both healthy and affordable.




In order to stay true to our mission despite the current inflationary issues, and after much internal discussion, we have chosen not to limit our impact to consumers who can afford to purchase organic products. We will continue to support organic agriculture as we have since 2005, with most of our portfolio remaining certified organic while expanding our product offering with natural, non-certified organic products.   Doing so will increase the opportunities to fulfill our mission by making our products more accessible to Canadian households while continuing to support and promote organic products. Ultimately, our greatest wish is that all Canadians have access to healthy and sustainable food without breaking the bank.

As such, Prana remains a vegan company, with products that are certified GMO-free, fair trade and predominantly organic. We also put a lot of effort into developing a more local and responsible supply chain, as evidenced by the Löka project, a 100% Quebec-based product made from pumpkin seeds grown in Ste-Monique de Nicolet using regenerative agriculture.
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