Using business as a driver of change!

Did you know that PRANA was one of the first Canadian food companies to obtain the Bcorp certification?  

This certification is awarded to companies that adopt concrete measures to meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility in business.  

The founders and today the entire team at PRANA believe that companies not only have the power but also the duty to use entrepreneurship as a driver of social and environmental change.  This is reflected in our daily mission to make healthy and delicious products that contribute to a more sustainable food ecosystem, while reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring the well-being of consumers, employees and farmers.  In other words, we want to provide food good for your health, the farmer’s health and the planet's health.  

More than a certification, Bcorp is a global movement of companies redefining business success and working for the common good.  For us, maximizing profits at all costs without considering society, the well-being of employees and suppliers, and the planet is simply an outdated practice.  

The growing Bcorp movement now includes more than 4,673 companies in 155 industries in over 78 countries.

Bcorp manifesto

PRANA, better for the world!  

PRANA is proud to be one of the world's best B Corp companies along with other environmentally and socially responsible companies such as Patagonia, Etsy, Dr. Bronner's, Cotopaxi, Ben & Jerry's and TOMS. We are also a ‘’Best for the World’’ award recipient, ranking #1 in North America in the Environment, Food and Beverage category.   

It is with concrete initiatives such as a life cycle analysis and an annual carbon footprint carried out on all of our activities and products as well as the implementation of programs to reduce greenhouse gases that PRANA stands out as a world leader in BCorp.   

For many years we have also had an employee share ownership program and our open book management style is based on transparency. Each year we continue to implement environmental and social initiatives with constant improvements in our products, services and work methodology. 

Responsible sourcing at PRANA  

At PRANA, the desire to source locally and responsibly has always been strong.  Here is an example of such an initiative.  

For years, we have been looking for an ingredient that could be grown in Quebec, would be appreciated by consumers, would add value for farmers and would be financially viable for PRANA. It was when we partnered in 2020 with L’Odyssée farm, led by Sébastien Angers, that the dream began to come true.  

Find out how this early dream came true. 

PRANA partners with Santropol Roulant!  

We take our social involvement to heart.  That's why we've developed a new partnership with the community organization Santropol Roulant to support them in their food security program.   

Every day, thanks to the help of kind souls, Santropol Roulant cooks and delivers 200 hot meals to people in need.  The entire PRANA team volunteers to help cook these meals, deliver them and even grow the vegetables that go into these meals at their farm in Senneville.  The PRANA team will donate more than 400 hours of volunteer time to the service of our Montreal community.  

To learn more about Santropol Roulant.